Columbia Writers Book Launch and Art Show!

Friday, March 13
The Diamondback Tavern
3733 Old Columbia Pike, Ellicott City, Maryland 21043

Columbia Writers is proud to announce the release of our latest anthology, "Trapped Tales,” now available on Amazon. Please join us for a fun and festive launch party featuring book signings, author readings, and original artwork inspired by each of the ten stories in the anthology, as well as exclusive drink specials for guests.

Columbia Writers is a close-knit group of dedicated writers who meet in Columbia, Maryland, to discuss the craft of writing. "Trapped Tales" is the group’s second published anthology. The featured writers were given a simple prompt: write a tale about being trapped. This prompt inspired ten imaginative stories ranging from fairy tale parody to teen sci-fi to literary fiction, and representing a broad variety of writing styles and perspectives. 

According to one Amazon reader, “Great sampling of shorts from a diverse group of writers. You get lots of sci-fi and alternate world kinds of pieces, along with some real-to-life stories with incredibly relatable characters. Some stories give you a wrapped-up, satisfied feel, while with others you can imagine a full-length work in the background. It's really a grab bag, with lots of little gems here and there. Good pacing and appropriate lengths so that no one story ties you up or slows you down. Come to think of it, I never felt trapped at all.”

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Please celebrate with us on March 13, and spread the word!

"Trapped Tales" features original short fiction by:

Dustin Blottenberger
Michelle Nicolls Drumheller
Deidre Delpino Dykes
Karen Garvin
Jennifer Michael
Jamie Nash
Priya Ramachandran
Loren Scolaro
Jennifer Yates Tebben
Brigitte Winter

The event will feature original artwork inspired by the stories created by:

Derek Blottenberger
Dustin Blottenberger (BlottoArt)
Cassie Dillon
Deidre Dykes 
Sarah Gavagan
Joe Granski
Matt Genier
Lorraine Imwold
Tim Jordan
Trevor Lynas
Matt Muirhead
Michael Mustachio
Loren Scolero
Steph Spinks
Mandark Fuccon
Vanessa Strickland
Bethany Umbarger
Marlana Vassar
Caroline Wexler
Brigitte Winter