My story "Colony" went live today on 101 Fiction!! (Yay!)

I'm pumped to share that my latest itty bitty story, "Colony," went live today on! This is my second 101 Fiction publication (first story here).

This month's prompt: write a 100-word story (with a 1-word title) incorporating the color green.

Visit 101 Fiction to read my story, and check out the full issue of fabulous March mini-stories!

On the 101 Fiction site, editor John Xero asks, "How much story can be told in a hundred words? How big a world can be evoked, how deep a mind? Can a mere hundred words contain philosophies, characters, action and more? We believe it can... 101 Fiction aims to deliver a story you can start and finish over a cup of tea, but one that stays with you all day."

So pour a hot mug of something yummy and enjoy! :)